We are back

Welcome to the new RIPC website. I know not much has happened the last almost two years. A couple of reason for that. First off, I lost the program I had been using. Second, I knew in my heart that that was a sign I’d reached the limits of that program anyway, so was looking for options. I played around with a few web builders, but hadn’t been getting serious because: Third, I really didn’t have a lot of interesting updates to write about. I actually hadn’t realized how outdated some of the pages were until I went and wrote the RIPC series for Vintage Tractor Digest as part of a series on early Tri City tractors including the Dain, Melvin, Bolte, Western Implement crawlers, Velie  and Rood & VanDervoort. As I write this, one of the final articles in the series on the Moline Plow Company is heading to print.  I think they are well worth checking out if I do say so myself.

So, here we are. In September, just before our home show at Geneseo IL, Loren Book contacted me about being on a committee to plan and host a reunion of Moline Plow Co Universal Tractors, which will be held in 2019 at the Geneseo IL grounds. Out of that grew the immediate need for a Moline Plow website, which I jumped into. MolinePlowCo.Com was born, sister site to this one and a serious reason to get back into website building. So, here we are. I am going to experiment with using this blog thing, don’t expect frequent comments but ti should serves as a change log.

So whats new? Right now, everything and nothing. New website, new layout, new everything. To start with I will be importing from the old site into the new pages with some editing on the more serious issues, but its going to be lean for a couple of weeks. In the semi near future, I do plan to add some pretty significant new content including a full break down of the implement lines by year and a wrench section (these two developed out of each other).  Another change is I plan to substantially expand the other local tractors section in the future based on the research I did for the VTD articles.

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