The following are companies that were partners of the Rock Island Plow Company in tractor production and sales or were local rivals. Implement affiliates will be in the implement section. Also listed here are a group of companies whose tractors bear more then a passing design resemblance in the use of the friction drive. While these companies may not have directly copied the Heider, it is impossible to truly say at this later date. For those interested in friction drives though, these may prove a useful guide.

Text Box: Without a doubt, the Waterloo Mfg Co. of Ontario Canada was the most important partner of the RIPC until Rock Islands close in 1937.
Text Box: A lot of mystery surrounds the relationship between G.S. & M. and its relationship to RIPC. Their beaver tractor was certainly close to the Heider in form and function, but no proof exists of any agreement. 
Text Box: Besides the beaver, at least three other companies may have been more then just a little influenced by Heider, though no direct link is known. These included Port Huron, The GO and Macdonald Thresher Decker.

Virtually unknown in the U.S. The “Machines Agricoles RIP” company of Paris France apparently started as an importer of Heiders, and for a time built a Heider Clone under contract with RIPC before branching out on their own.

 Waterloo Mfg of Ontario Canada

Other possible clones

Goold, Shapley & Muir of Brantford Ontario

RIP of Paris France

Affiliations and Clones

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As a hub of agriculture, the Quad Cities area saw a number of smaller tractor & engine companies appear and disappear. Here are some that you might not have heard of.

Local Tractors