Text Box: Rock Island H22
Tractor Summary

 Weight: 5000

 Engine: Waukesha CHS10 4 3/4 x 6 1/4

 Mag: Edison Splitdorf CD

 Carb: Stromberg SF3

 Serial Numbers: 22xxx / 36xxx

H22 1935

The H22 was one of the largest of the Rock Islands built, and one of the last. Although its horsepower ratting of 22-40 is less then the rating of the 1930 Canadian Special F 22-45, it was likely in practice significantly more powerful. The H22 was likely meant as the high horsepower successor to the 18-35 F series and as the high horsepower counterpart to the H5.†


The H22 carried the same design lineage as the H5; Where the H5 featured the same engine as an Oliver 80, the H22 featured the same engine as an Oliver Hart Parr 28-44/ Huber HS 27-42† and many of the same rear end components as a Rock Island FA. This was an issue, as the H22 was a substantially more powerful tractor and rear end failures would have been a risk, I know of one H22 with pinion gear damage. The H22ís catalog weight of 5000 lbs is also substantially less then the Oliverís 6400 lbs and the Huberís 6125 lbs.


The Rock Island H22 was never tested at Nebraska so no hard numbers for its HP exist; however, Nebraska test for the Hart-Parr 28-44 in 1930 produced 34 hp at the drawbar and 49 hp on the belt running Kerosene. Although a direct comparison is hard to make due to differences in weight, gearing and transmissions; based on the test, it seems likely the H22 was somewhat under rated at only 22-40 as a listed HP. This rating may have been in part of concerns that the tractor simply wasnít heavy enough to withstand use as a larger tractor, and this may have been the companies out.


Unlike the earlier Hís, the H5/H22 series is very distinguishable from other Rock Islands. The overhead single block Waukesha engine is readily apparent and having both intake and exhaust on the operators left is a dead giveaway.† Another visual clue is the front of the fenders is rounded off only on the H5 and H22. I admit, I had a photo of this H22 for years, but had classified it as an H5. After seeing additional photoís it was clear it was not an H5.† However, aside from the engine differences and a larger gas tank to allow the hood to sit higher to fit the larger engine, the tractor follows the standard Rock Island layout.


Like the H5, the H22 was a full production tractor, although final numbers are unknown it is likely that† since only 26 CHS engines were shipped to Rock Island according to the Waukesha Engine Historical society the number was in that neighborhood. Only one run was scheduled for the factory in 1935, however, it appears at least a few were built in 1936. H22-36002 was on display at Heritage Park of Iowa before we added it to our collection in 2012, it is also the only Rock Island I have confirmation of with a 36 serial number, likely the one Bockwoldt has referenced. The engine tag for it indicates a build date of 7/1935.


Strangely, the serial tag for 36002 indicates a belt speed of 660, wheres as 220016 indicates only 585. Neither one matches with the 640 in the advertising brochure.


I have now confirmed four H22ís remaining. Ours and one sold in late 2013 are both running, wheras the other two are not in running condition, one requiring major engine work.†

I have been told that 36002 was sold in Albert Lea MN about 30 years ago at auction, and moved around that area until it was brought to Heritage Park in Iowa where we purchased it. I would like to know the circumstances that brought such a late tractor out of the Rock Island area.


Literature and advertising is sparse for the H5 and H22, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to examine any and/or add digital copies on here.†

HP 22-40

H22 36002

Below: H22 36002


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Below: Front and back of the H5 and H22 brochure (click to read)


Below: H22 36002 at Geneseo IL in 2013