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The cream separator was a necessity of life on a dairy farm, and Rock Island happened to acquire a world class separator with its purchase of Smith Mfg. The Great Western cream separators were a departure from Rock Islands standard implement line, but they wasted no time in bringing them into the catalog. The Great Western Cream Separator would have a place in virtually every Rock Island catalog after the merger, and would become perhaps the single most advertised item in Rock Islands line with its own newspaper ads, joint advertising with many other products and a cook book that featured it prominently.


The design of the Cream Separators changed little over the two and a half decades they were marketed. Being a labor intensive device, Until the late 1920ís, they were advertised heavily alongside Rock Islands gas engine line.† By the late 20ís the gas engines popularity had waned, replaced by electric motors so Rock Island was sure to offer such options (below).

Great Western Cream Separators

Above: click for instructions for a Great Western Cream Separator.

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Top: 1930ís era gas engine driven brochure.




Bottom: 1930ís era electric drive brochure.

Above: Ads from 1911-1923

Below 1931 catalog ad