Photo Gallery

Original and working photo’s of Heiders and Rock Islands, this is the overflow from the tractor pages and a lot of these are brochure photos.  If you have an old photo or an action shot please let me know, I would be happy to post it. Warning: Some of these will open to external links.


Rock Islands

Action Shots (modern photos)

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 Heider & Plow

 Heider & Plow


 Waterloo Heider & Plow (L) C (R) D


Branch House series

 Heider and Plow

Early F threshing

Carl Carstensen Farm

Dewitt IA

Provided by Nate Young

Kenny Bush’s fathers tractor, Rock Island G

Some used in RIPC advertising

Pulled out by horses

Kids like tractors

 C without canopy plowing

Pulling a thresher

Train loading

New owner

 First Heider D in UK

Heider C at Noisy-le-Grand 1917

Both Provided by David Parfitt

D & truck

Ralph Goff’s Grandfathers tractor

Steves Grandpas tractor & Thresher


Right: various catalog photos from literature for the F and FA tractors

Heider in field

Below: Below are a variety of photos from print advertising showing the variety of capabilities of the Heider. The D with the plow is perhaps the most used image in the Heider library, appearing in numerous ads across the world.

Below: A small advertising book of nearly forty pages titled “The Verdict” from 1918 provides the single largest collection of photos anywhere, unfortunately, due to the small size some of these photos are less than clear. Many of the photos above are also included in this book with captions.

Right: various catalog photos from literature for the G and G2 tractors

Below: A handful of Heider Motor Cultivator shots.