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The Rock Island Plow company strived to be a one stop agricultural implement company, however, even a major company has limits. To fill in the gaps, RIPC became jobbers (as a company was called when they sold another companies product line with the name still attached). I have included in the various specific sections lines RIPC acted as jobbers for, but this section is dedicated to the rest like Frost & Wood binders and mowers, Eureka Potato Planters and Diggers, Joliet Shellers and the Babcock Groundhog series of tillage tools.  Although many of these had Rock Island product brochures, they were almost never included in the general catalogs. This changed in the very late catalogs. In a handful of cases, Rock Island sold another companies products entirely under the Rock Island name, as may have been the case with some wagons and elevators.


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Eureka Mower Co, Utica New York (Potato Planters and                                                               Diggers,  sprayers)

Frost & Wood, Smith Falls Ontario (binders, mowers)

Joliet Mfg Co. Joliet IL (Shellers)

Nelson Brothers, Saginaw Michigan (Jumbo grinders)

Victor Feed Mill Co. Springfield Ohio (Feed mills, saws)

 Peter Schuttler wagons
Lansing wagons

Luedinghaus Wagon Co.

Mandt Wagons
Superior Hay stacker mfg. Linnaeus MO
Portable Elevator Mfg co. Bloomington IL (Little Giant elevators)
Chambers, Bering, Quinlan Co Decatuer IL (hayloaders, tedders, grain                                                    and corn drills, planters and gate seeders.)
Peoria Drill and Seeder
American Seeding machine Co Inc, Springfield "farmers favorite" line
Victor feed mill company Springfield (mills, horsepowers and sawing                                                    machines)
Newell sanders plow co Chattanooga TN

Buckeye feed grinders
Pekin wagons
Hawkeye side delivery rakes and loaders

Empire plows and garden tools

Babcock “Weed Hog”
Frost & Wood binders
Nelson Brothers “Jumbo”