Text Box: Great Western Manure Spreaders
and Litter Carriers

With the purchase of Smith Mfg and the acquisition of the Great Western name and line, the Rock Island Plow Company obtained a fully developed manure spreader line.† Below is an excellent fold out brochure circa 1928 of the No 1.

Great Western Manure Spreaders

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Great Western Litter Carriers

Below: Two page centerfold from advertising book circa 1917

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Another revolutionary product, the litter carrier was an indispensible barn cleaning tool in the days before loader tractors and skidsteers. With the acquisition of Smith Mfg, Rock Island obtained one of the most common brands of litter carriers and would continue to sell them as a counterpart to the Great Western manure spreader. Below is the 1913 catalog section.

left: circa 1917 book including foldout above.


Right: 1920ís book including the old low down and later model B that would become the No. 1