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Through out the later history of RIPC, wagons were a part of the catalog in various forms, from the 1900’s to the 1920’s, RIPC acted as jobbers for a couple of companies. Later on, Rock Island advertised wagons under their own name. In addition to wagons, they also sold running gear and sleigh runner attachments. Wagons were almost never included in RIPC catalogs, but were included in brochures and buyers guides.


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The Following are confirmed companies RIPC acted as wagon jobbers for:

Pekin Wagon Co.

Peter Schuttler Co.

Randolph Wagon Works

Lansing Wagon Works

Luedinghaus Wagon Co.

TG Mandt Vehicle Co.


Wayne Works?


RIPC also sold buggies at various times, mostly from the Yale company  from their “Yale” and “Rex” Lines. At this time, I have no evidence there was a connection with the Rock Island Buggy Company that Chairman Phil Mitchell also had a stake in. Like the wagons, buggies almost never appeared in RIPC catalogs, but were advertised in brochures and various implement buyers guides.